Jerry Steinport Orchestra

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Band Members:

Front row (left to right): Tenor Sax – Herb Beam, Alto Sax – Elaine Shaw, Alto Sax – Leroy Clements, Tenor Sax – Bob Castilano, Piano – Betty Philipus

Back row (left to right): Trombone – Dick Reme, Trombone – Mugsy Seagul, Drums – Dick Hoag, Trumpets: Milford Monitor, Shorty Whitney, Warren Roatz

Standing – Conductor, Jerry (Gerald) Steinport (RIP)

Jerry (Gerald) Edwin Steinport passed away on April 14, 2016. (RIP)

This memory was copied from here [archive]:

Does anyone remember the Jerry Steinport Orchestra. Jerry played every Saturday night at the old Phil Oosterhouse Ballroom above Moore’s Hobby Shop across from Herpolsheimers on Division and Fulton. The band was comprised of students from many of the area high schools, and we received $6.00 for playing four hours. Afterwards, we would go to Hattems for Chicken In the Rough. Those were good days.

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