National Transit Database site updated with February 2018 data

Detroit People Mover 2016 Financial Data

The National Transit Database site has been updated with February 2018 data. In looking at most cities in Michigan, transit ridership continued to decline. For instance, February ridership in Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Kalamazoo all declined by over 8%. Ann Arbor saw a decline of about 2%, and Lansing saw an increase of just over 1%.

The Detroit Free Press also ran a story today, using my NTD site, and pointed out that the Detroit People Mover costs over $25 million to operate (and consequently loses nearly $10 per rider).

The Mackinac Center has been running a series of stories, using my site and its data.

Oh, and the Detroit People Mover’s ridership declined about 40% in February. Interestingly, the Detroit People Mover’s average trip length is 1.4 miles. The average cost to taxpayers of each trip is $9.95. How much is a 1.4 mile uber ride?